Mimi A.

Rancho San Diego, San Diego, CA

Natalie is amazing at what she does. I never thought I could have beautifully shaped full eyebrows. Stopped threading about 6 months ago and it was the best decision ever. My eyebrows were getting incredibly thin. But now I am absolutely in love with the direction that my brows are finally going in. 

I was a little skeptical to go back to waxing because I have very sensitive skin but honestly from day 1 with Natalie not a single bump. She truly is a master at brows and takes her time with you which I love!

Amirah A.

Los Angeles, CA

Recently moved to California, it's been a battle trying to find someone that I can trust with my eyebrows. I hadn't found anyone yet in LA which is where I live. On a business trip to SD I came across Natalie. I saw her pics on here and on Instagram and I really liked that she specialized in full brows. I was in desperate need for a waxing so I decided to trust my gut and for for it. I'm so happy I did! Here's coming from someone who hasn't let anyone touch her eyebrows in over 6 years. Natalie listens to you intently, and respects your eyebrow's natural shape. She's so sweet and nice and makes you feel instantly comfortable. I wish she was in LA! If you're looking for a new brow gal and thicker eyebrows is your thing come to Natalie!

Monica T.

San Diego, CA

Natalie is THE best ! Super detailed , profesional sweet and wonderful at her specialty...pay her a visit if you need a clean up, are growing out your brows or need them reshaped...you'll walk out with the best brow day ever !