Natalie acquired her esthetician license in 2007 and finally came upon her quest to be the brow goddess that she has become today. Though she has a true passion for brow shaping, brows weren't the first journey in the waxing world that she came across.
She started in the cosmetic world working for Nordstrom with microdermabrasion facials and soon came to love the Anastasia of Beverly Hills counter where she first learned of brow shaping perfection. Through Nordstrom, she learned the amazing technique that she still uses today. Natalie continued her esthetic journey welcoming a wide variety of work options including taking a position at a well known San Diego salon. She provided facials, full body waxing, spray tanning and became the fastest "Brazilian Waxer" at the salon.
She then took her knowledge to a new level and started up her own salon by San Diego State University. With the prime location, she was able to gain an ample amount of clientele promptly. Although her brazilian clientele was at a high, she quickly started to become recognized for her brow shaping skills. Soon she realized the deep passion she had for brow shaping and decided to specialize in just that. She ventured off to a new location and now resides in downtown San Diego.
Once starting downtown San Diego, she was able to get a firm grasp on social media. With Constant Instagram postings, she grew her business 3 times the amount in a 12 month period. Natalie's esthetician experience explains her wide range of knowledge in the business. Through the social media postings of her work and numerous positive yelp reviews, this shows the true artist Natalie has become through her 11 year venture.